Increase Imagination and Creativity with This Habit

In Manage Your Imagination to Increase Your Success I promised to share some tips, insight, and resources on what to feed your imagination. 

Here’s a habit that can help: Tap into the beauty and uniqueness of life all around you.

May I begin my sharing an ah-ha moment with you?

This ah-ha moment took place many years ago. Looking at deer had become a ritual on the way home from Grandmas on Easter Sunday a few years ago was no different. We slowly made our way down the drive through the orchard looking for deer. Suddenly I caught a glimpse of a magnificent building sitting upon the hill.



I thought, “Wow – what is that building that is glowing like a beacon on the hill?”

It was unexpected, yet it shouldn’t have been. As it turned out it was a Mormon temple that I had passed hundreds of times, but it was if I as seeing it for the very first time.

I’d seen it at different angles, and from different locations, and I should have seen it from this particular angle before as I was in a location I had been several times before – but I had always been busy looking for the glow of the deer’s eyes, and not really taking time to pay attention to the things above my typical field of view.

How often have I walked past something that warrants a little attention and ignored it I wondered? As humans, we all tend to do it often in life. Doing so doesn’t serve you. In fact, it starves your imagination and it does little to create more joy in your life.

(Another life tip: What you tend to focus on is what you get – expand your focus and see the unexpected).

How Do You See the World?

My husband, some friends, and I went on a cruise a few summers back.  We arrived back in port with quite a few hours to spare before our flight. We decided to spend the time walking around San Diego and taking in the sights. As we walked and talked I photographed.  I captured, among other things, the bark on trees, the interesting shape of the tree’s roots, the texture of the sidewalks, the tiny bird that dined with us at lunch just beneath our feet, and flowers from unique angles.

My friend turned to me and said, ” Leisa, I can tell you are an artist.  You notice things that I just tend to walk by.  I love seeing how you see the world!” Here’s a hint – that joy isn’t reserved just for artists. Choose to tap into the beauty and uniqueness of life all around you.

Enjoy the Randomness of it ALL

While vacationing in Park City, Utah a few years ago my family and I spent some time wandering down Park City Main street. By now, my family knows that I will often stop to photograph a lot of random things.  They can now predict some of the things I will stop to photograph – like the wheels on the fire truck.

On this particular trip, I kneeled down to photograph something below a restaurant window. A couple dining just above the window became so curious about what I found so interesting below their window that they stood and tried to get a glimpse. I’m not sure if they saw what I saw, or if they saw it as another piece of boring hardware.

This is what I photographed.

Other things I photographed with my phone that day are…

Resting Dog | Park City Main Street by Leisa Watkins
Building Lights | Park City Main Street by Leisa Watkins
Park City Main Street by Leisa Watkins

Artists notice things that others don’t.

If you’ve seen the movie August Rush you’ll understand what I mean when I say that musicians often hear music that goes unnoticed by the general public.

“The Music is All Around Us. All you have to do is listen.” – Quote from August Rush

“Beauty is All Around Us – All You Have to Do is See It” 

Beauty is All Around You - All You Have to Do is See It ~ Leisa Watkins
Beauty is All Around You - All You Have to Do is See It ~ Leisa Watkins

Look at your surroundings with new eyes! Then photograph and capture them.

Look for interesting textures, the way the shadows dance upon the wall, and those things that others often don’t notice.

Pay attention to life’s rhythms!

Feel free to include a link below to anything interesting things you happen to capture.

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