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Welcome to my website.  You probably should know that my first love is to help people create more success. Naturally, one’s personal and business life have a dramatic effect on each other and one can’t effectively treat one without integrating the other.

As much as I loves writing, blogging, and conducting virtual trainings my real passion is fully engaging with audience members in a live setting. The presentations, I joyfully gives, help people to more fully engage with life, helps them to tap into enRICHing life experiences, and develop more creativity and purpose in life and work..

My ultimate desire and passion is to help others achieve their dreams and aspirations in life no matter the challenges they face. You’ll find below a few of the topics i can speak on.

If you are interested in having me as a keynote speaker, guest speaker, workshop presenter, or a media appearances please fill out this form and someone will be with you shortly.

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Topic Ideas for Keynote Addresses, Speeches, and Workshops for General Audiences

Powerful Vision/Dream Boarding

Define your best life. Realize your dreams.

Would you like to gain more clarity in your life?  Would you like to feel a renewed sense of hope about your future?  Would you like a tool you can use help you move forward when you feel unmotivated or uninspired? Then a vision board is for yo

A dream or vision board can help you manifest, believe and follow through with what you truly desire.  It can be a powerful tool in helping you live your best life now. And, it is a potent way to make your dreams and aspirations for both your business and your personal life tangible. 


In this class we’ll talk about how to use the vision board and you’ll learn powerful methods that will serve you for the long term (and it doesn’t  involve a glue stick!). Learn how to turn a vision board into a powerful tool that can inspire you to action, gain more confidence and ignite your passion in moving forward with your goals.

Self Development Can Mess With Your Head

Protecting Your Self-esteem on Your Self development Journey

Our constant quest to better ourselves can create its own set of unique problems and challenges. Personal development messes with our head, makes us feel inadequate and complicates our life. If not careful, it can leave your self-esteem in tatters and lead to depression.

Leisa will share tips that can help you protect your self-esteem on your self-development journey so you can get on to the art of living.

Becoming a Masterful Life Traveler

Moving From Action Plan To The Life You Want

Do you ever feel like your progress is moving at a turtle’s pace?

Do you find yourself wondering if you’ll ever live the life you want?

This workshop is designed to help you make great stuff happen in your life.  It is for people who know where they want to go but aren’t sure exactly how to overcome the roadblocks that stand in their way.

Designing a Roadmap For Your Masterful Life

Mastering Life’s Grand Adventure

Do you want to take your personal or professional life from drab to sensational? This is the workshop for you! Leisa will  help you design a grand life and really crystallize what you want.  Then she’ll help you identify those steps needed to get you where you want to go. You’ll come away with knowledge you can use to design a roadmap that will guide yo to your masterful life.

Topic Ideas for Homeschool Convention Keynote Addresses and/or Workshops

Unleashing Curiosity and Discovery

Curiosity is powerful. Curiosity stimulates cooperation and understanding.  Curiosity creates powerful people who are on the leading edge of life. Curiosity is a powerful force of change. Curiosity helps develop people into knowledge-seeking, curious, open minded and powerful people. A great education stems from great curiosity. But how do you stimulate curiosity?  We’ll discuss how to develop a curiosity toolbox designed to help you and your children become a knowledge-seeking, curious being of light.

Business Topic Ideas for Keynote Addresses, Speeches, and Workshops

Personal Storytelling for Messengers

How to Use Your Own Stories to Captivate and Engage Others

Storytelling reaches people on an emotional level. Stories communicate to the listener exactly what you do and what you stand for. Therefore, it’s essential to craft compelling stories, both about yourself and your business. storytelling reaches people on an emotional level. Stories communicate to the listener exactly what you do and what you stand for. Stories are one of the best ways to connect with customers and encourage them to take action. Therefore, it’s essential for change makers to craft compelling stories, both about themselves and their business.

Each story is unique, but all stories fall into certain patterns. There are certain categories of stories and you can think of these as templates for your personal story. This presentation will cover a wide variety of story types and by the end, your audience will select which are the most important ones they can use to tell their own personal story.

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