After several weeks of pondering what my focus word for the year 2017 would be, I settled on “aligned” as my word of the year.

Here is what the word means to me right now and my intention behind selecting that word:

I will take action on the things that are aligned with my goals and purpose while abandoning those that are not in alignment.

Through alignment, my strategies, goals, and meaningful purpose reinforce one another, providing a clearer sense of what to do at any given time, and a clearer direction. The end result is an that I can focus less on deciding what to do—and more on simply doing.

I will strategically align my strategic company goals, my business model and processes, and our company culture with my key business purpose and core values.

I will align my life more closely with God’s purpose for me. I will pay more attention to God’s wind beneath my wings. I will set my sails to His source so that I experience God’s lift and His force becomes the source of propulsion. I will be working with the wind and not against the wind.

I align my relationships in a way that we more fully support each other.

I will align my practices to support my body so that it is in alignment. My body will work in alignment with my soul. A body in alignment lasts longer, drives smoother, and ultimately keeping me pointed in the right direction. And, when it drives more smoothly, it’s smooth sailing — or should we say cruising — ahead. Plus, tasks require less energy to keep going, potentially saving a ton of fuel. I intend to align my body with my purpose, that it may fully support me in achieving my goals, and dreams.

How about you? What word did you choose for 2017?

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