It’s Time to Deliver Your Unique Message and Gifts To Those Who Seek It
Welcome Dear Friend,

Chances are, you have a life-changing message, or service, you feel called to deliver to the world.

Perhaps your message is one that provides an awakening of hope after the loss of a child.

Perhaps you feel called to instill within others the desire to live a healthier lifestyle.

  • For some it’s a message of healing.
  • For others it’s a message of hope.
  • And for others it’s a message of renewal.

All these, and many more messages are important  ~ and “so is your message!” Your message deserves to be heard by those you have been called to serve.

So let me ask you this…

What Is The Message You Feel Called to Deliver to the World?

There are many messages. I won’t pretend to know what yours is now, after all we likely haven’t had the privilege of meeting yet. But what I can do is share with you a message I received. You see, like you, I too have several messages I felt called to deliver to the world.

But… I felt the days and nights ticking by I wondered if I was ever going to get to that place where my message was making the impact in the world that I knew it deserved.

In fact, my worst fear was that I would die with my message still inside of me.

Perhaps you feel like that right now. It’s not a fun place to be.

I often felt guilty because I thought I wasn’t living up to be the person God wanted me to be. That I was somehow letting him, and others, down. And that if I didn’t step-up right now someone else’s life would be negatively impacted.

I pictured my future, and I knew that if I didn’t make any changes my message would be nothing more than notes in my notebook.

That’s precisely where I was not to long ago. In fact, I was feeling a little down because “life was getting in the way of my mission.”

There were homeschooling lessons to teach. Plus, there were meals to fix. Laundry to do. Kids to chauffeur.

Don’t get me wrong. I love being a mom. I love the honor of caring for my family. But I kept thinking. “I want it all.”

 I told myself, “Surely, there has to be a way to make it all work.”

I often wondered… Why?

Why did God give me those insights, those messages, and promptings to deliver to those who needed it when road block after road block seemed to block my ability to deliver them?

At the time, I was also running my own successful online marketing business. And I found I was very, very good at it.

People were coming to me regularly asking me to teach them what I knew about the world of online marketing and I did. 

But, because I wanted to get on with sharing “my message” with the world I decided to walk away from it all.

Simply because I wanted to change the world and make a bigger impact.

But then something unexpected happened…

People began showing up with a message for me –

Just Like I Am For You, Right Now

Every time I decided to walk away from my marketing business someone would come into my life with a message for me.

I’d hear things like…

“I’ve been praying for inspiration on who can help me take my message to the world and it’s you.”

“I’ve been asking God who should help me with my website and the answer is you.”

“You have such a gift when it comes to marketing and you really must share it with others.”

Puzzled, my soul cried out…

“I don’t understand. I have inside of me this message I know I am supposed to deliver to the world. I want to change the world. But, how can I do that if I am concentrating on other people’s businesses?” And on that day the inspiration came and with it came a total paradigm shift!

I embraced the message…

“Leisa, when you help these people get their message out into the world in a big way, you are changing the world. And as you do, you’re message will be carried to those who need it.”

I realized at that moment, that God had given me a gift – he had given me the gift of  marketing knowledge so you and I CAN change the world together.

Are you ready? Are you ready to change the world?

Through my experience, I learned that, like me, there may be many messages you may be called on to deliver during your life here on earth. And there will be messages you are called up to deliver that you may not recognize at first.

That day, which I now consider sacred, began a new phase in my life.  I’m inviting you to come along on that journey.

I am here, ready and willing to help you, take that message of yours to the world in a big way.

Why is that important?


Your Message, Your Work is Important!
It’s Time to “Give It the Attention It Deserves”

Right now, there are people out there who are waiting for your insights. Your services. Your work. Your teachings.

Your message ~ The unique message that only you can deliver.

They are seeking solutions to problems in their life and you have answers. But, reality is, clients don’t come knocking on your door simply because you have a work you feel called to do – even when you are very, very good at it.

If you really want to “Make an Impact in the World” you need to get down to the business of crafting, clarifying and marketing your unique message. 

You need to get out of overwhelm and indecision and move to one of energy and power. One that fuels a sense of direction, focus, passion, and perseverance.

It’s time to turn your mission – your message – into the flourishing business it deserves!

But what does that mean exactly?

In today’s world, learning to market your message online is essential. But there is something more important than that.

You need to determine who your ideal client is, and craft the right message for the right clientele.


You’re Probably Wondering…

“How Do I Do That?”

I get it. Likely, you’re feeling pretty overwhelmed. But, you don’t want to stay there.

After all, you can’t build a movement and you can’t build your life, the way you want to, if you are stuck there, in that place of the unknown.

Bottom line,

You can continue to suffer or “you can learn to clarify, package, and market that message of yours.”

And when you do you can get on to the living life the way you want to – instead of struggling day in and day out. 

You get to that place of feeling joy, instead of wondering, night after night, why you felt called to carry your message to the world, when you don’t know how exactly to do that.

Deep down, inside don’t we all want to shine and make a difference in the lives of others?



Make a good living doing it?


So we can keep doing more of it.  So we can make a bigger difference in the lives of others.

And so it’s time,

It’s Your Time…

It’s Your Time to “Make the Impact” Your Message Deserves

I humbly, stand here ready, and able, to help you “craft and deliver” your message to those who need it.

Together, let’s take our messages of hope, change, and of living life on a higher plane to the four corners of the world.

Right now…

it’s time, your time, it’s time to play big, and make a bigger difference in the world!

Your first step is to join me, and others on the same journey.

Let’s make this moment your moment, the moment where you step out to make a bigger impact in the world!

Join us for the Marketing Your Message Group Coaching Program

Marketing Your Message Group Coaching Program

Please join us in three month group coaching program where we will begin the delightful work of conceiving and composing a marketing plan designed to help you reach the people you feel called to serve. It’s time to transform your business into one that serves on a grander scale.

Let’s make it the moment where you step out to make a bigger impact in the world!

  • During our time together, I’ll teach you some things you can do right now to start making a bigger impact.
  • I’ll introduce to you some of the tools, processes and systems we’ll be using to deliver your message. Let’s transform your life, and the lives of those we are called to serve.
It’s time to make an investment in yourself, your systems, and your processes and give your message, your mission, and your brilliance the marketing attention it deserves. It’s time to Play Big, and Make a Bigger Impact in the World! It will be my honor to serve you and your mission! I am honored to assist you in your journey to make a bigger impact in the world and to serve and help others.

This is for you if…

  • The thought of marketing makes you feel overwhelmed.
  • Your using some marketing methods ineffectively or not at all, while spending money on methods that are no longer effective.
  • You’re struggling to understand the latest technology and stuck in the process of setting up your marketing.
  • You don’t know how to formulate your message in a way that works.

Attend If you want to …

  • Reach the people you feel called to serve.
  • Learn about and use marketing methods that will make the biggest impact on your business right now.

Expedition Level Training

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Why Leisa?

  • Leisa has been involved in marketing in some form or another since the age of 14.  She has had her own business since that time, all sales related.
  • She served as the marketing director for a multi-million dollar educational services company.
  • Was director of marketing for a chain of retail stores.
  • Consistent sales leader in banking services, where she won an award for top sales in a five state area.
  • She is passionate about helping change makers change the world!!!
“I met Leisa Watkins and learned so much from her about internet marketing from a casual conversation that I hired her to redesign my site. I have had more business in the past 3 months with my new website than I had in 5 years with my old website.  I can’t wait to learn more from Leisa! It is rare to find someone so savvy with internet marketing and technical brilliance as well as connected to the world of energy and healing.”
Cristy Price, AWE Therapy

“I LOVE Craig and Leisa. Here are words that come to my mind when I think of them: straight talk, results, smart, sharp, with integrity and fun. Good people.”
Robert G. Allen

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