Leisa’s Coaching/Training Options Are Designed to Help People Overcome or Avoid Roadblocks in Life and Business. Her Training Includes:

  • Free Training through her Newsletter, Blog, and Webinars
  • Online Training Programs
  • Group Coaching Programs
  • Exclusive Mentoring Programs such as VIP Days, VIP Masterminds, and Private Mentoring

Coaching Program Levels

Leisa offers multiple levels of coaching programs so there is something for everyone.

You can start working with Leisa at one of the following levels:

Exploration Level roadmaps and guide books give you the opportunity for you to gain new skills and expand your education at a low investment and low commitment level. This is great for the new business owner as it allows them to briefly explore topic allowing them to implement their new skills in a low-stress environment and determine the next step on their journey. (Word of warning – it is easy to get caught up in the wandering and not get things done at this level.)

Excursion Level training programs go deeper in their skills training and content and are ideal for those who need more training in specific areas. The delivery of the excursion level programs comes as an online home study course, called a master class, that allows you to go at your own speed and work independently. Tourist level programs require a lower commitment of scheduled class time than the higher level programs, but still include roadmaps, guidebooks, workbooks, assignments, and may include other tools to assist you in implementing what you learn.

Expedition Level coaching programs go deep in their skills training, content training, group support, and group coaching, and are for highly committed individuals. An expedition is an excursion, journey, or voyage made for some specific purpose, and these are designed to help you achieve a very specific purpose in your life or business. During your expedition you will be working with a live coach and a small group of likeminded life travelers, so it is an ideal to gain some implementation assistance and inspiration.  Expeditions require 2-5 hours a week of class time and study time.

Apex Level mentoring programs offer the highest level of individual one-on-one coaching. These programs are for those who play big, live life on a higher plane, and are willing to take risks to get where they want to go in life. This level will give you direct access to Leisa and her most advanced material. Adventure programs build off of core competence skills in personal development, marketing, leadership and sales. These programs will guide you in building an intentional life and business that supports you living a life on a higher level. In these programs, Leisa works with her hand selected students.


To inquire about working with Leisa personally, email us at support@leisawatkins.com.

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Founder of The Coaching Zone, Leisa Watkins  is an online marketing consultant, educator, and speaker. Over the last 18 years, Leisa has become a “go-to” sales and marketing expert to small business owners and entrepreneurs. During that time she noticed that often times it was the roadblocks her clients were experiencing in their personal lives that were keeping people stuck. Now her coaching is primarily focused on helping people eliminate the roadblocks that keep them stuck in life or business. She enjoys helping her clients avoid the detours that slow them down.

Leisa Watkins

Leisa Watkins

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