Goal Achievement Resources

Resources to help you set goals and achieve those goals.

Goal Setting/Getting Tools

While ninety-nine per cent of all inspired goal-setting comes out of the individual human brain, there is no doubt that tools and resources can aid and abet the process. No matter what your preferred learning or brainstorming method, there are sure to be resources here you can put to good use in your goal setting or goal getting endeavors.


Simple and colorful—but you have to ignore the .PDF ad. Simply enter your keywords, and press the little “Next” arrow in the bottom right-hand corner.


Free cloud storage and file sharing system for document, video and graphics files. You can allow individual access to any or all files in your Dropbox account. (Handy when working with goal accountability partners or outsourcing contractors.)


Still one of the best virtual notebook systems, where you can brainstorm, make notes to yourself (large or small) and work out formulae, goals and anything else you need to work on. Allows you to clip web articles to your notes, and include graphics.

You can also quickly present your notes in a “screen-friendly” format for sharing with others.

Downloadable to your desktop and free—but you can upgrade to premium account.


This five-star membership site is based on the SMART goals system, and includes a dashboard to help you customize and manage the multitude of action, visualization and tracking tools for managing your goals.

Also includes mobile apps, a Journal and “Review and Restart” capability. ($68.00 per year.)

Tagline: “A systematic approach to achieving more by doing less.”


A simple site that has stood the test of time. Joe wanted to track his goals so he built a site…you can use it too!

Make Word Mosaic

If you are the visual type, you may prefer this word cloud generator, which incorporates shapes and icons as well as fun fonts and colors, to help with your goal-setting brainstorming.

It’s meant for children, but to visual learners, colors and shapes are just the ticket to better memorization and organization.

Reach Your Goals

An android app to help track and reach your goals.

Rescue Time

Install this tracking app, and find out how much time you are spending doing various online activities. Not for the faint of heart with bad habits—but if you really want to spend more time taking action to meet your goals, tracking your time and refining your habits is a must. (Free!)


The ultimate accountability system/tool for those ready to be one-hundred-percent responsible for meeting a goal.

Its premise is simple:

  • Set a goal
  • Assign the stakes
  • Get a “referee”
  • Add friends for support

You sign a “commitment contract” in exchange for help defining your goals, figuring out what action steps you need to take and finally achieving it.

Free to use.


A simple but feature-rich weekly planner to help you stay on target with your goals through focused planning and completing activities. Based on the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” model, its positive focus and lack of techno-clutter make it one of the most satisfying apps to use out there.

Includes functions such as:

  • Personal diary
  • Pomodoro timer
  • Mission statement editor
  • Printable week view
  • Parking lot (for 3 lists)
  • Automatic rollover of uncompleted task
  • Send tasks by email
  • Shared workspaces
  • Time-tracking (estimated vs. actual)

And many more free features.

You can access it from your computer or from your mobile. And yes—it is free: But there is a Pro plan you can upgrade to for $7.00 per month, which allows you to add features such as data downloading, exporting your .ICS feed, recurring tasks, sub-tasks and an unlimited list in your “parking lot”.


Sometimes it pays to mix things up. Enter all your goal-setting keywords into a word cloud generator such as WordItOut for idea stimulation.

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