We all feel regret, remorse, and disappointment at times.  I’m not alone in that am I?

I have written about how my regrets before: about how, for brief moments of time (and sometimes, not such brief moments) I regretted moments from my past.

But then I was reminded that a baby doesn’t regret growing.  A child doesn’t feel remorse that they failed in their attempts to walk, to grow, to learn.  I quickly recognized that these particular moments in time do not need to be looked at as times of regret, but rather can should be reframed to be remembered as times of incredible growth.

What is regret?

Regret is a feeling of loss, of disappointment, and dissatisfaction.

Regret leads to feelings of sorrow, remorse, loss, or disappointment. A regret is a wound in the soul that causes pain. And just as pain in the body can be an early warning system of danger or disease, so are regrets to the soul. They are an early warning system to the soul that something needs healing so one can overcome guilt.

Thankfully, regret can be healed.


Briefly Reflect on Your Regrets Then Reframe Them

To reflect is to consider carefully one’s past and it’s affect on our life. A reflection is mirroring back to us what we need to see so we can modify our own behavior.

In science reflection is to change the direction of energy. In our own lives reflection causes us to change our energy.

So I do believe it is important to periodically reflect back at times in our life when we may have felt some regret, to give them brief, but careful consideration on how they may affecting our life.  Journal about how it makes you feel, resolve to do better, then burn your journal page to release the feeling. Paying attention to them when they are still in the early warning stages is a key to moving past and through regret quickly.  Stop allowing the regrets develop into a dis-ease.

Where the Real Danger Lies

You see, if used properly then regret isn’t something to be feared, shunned, or looked down upon anymore than a scraped knee. The danger lies in living one’s life full of regret, and not changing them into moments of reflection and action. Living a life full of regrets leads to depression. It leads to anger. It leads to fear.

So if you are feeling moments of regret, briefly reflect on what it means to your life. Reflection casts light on our regrets. Your soul is giving you an warning that it’s uncomfortable with something. Spend some time in quite reflection.

Only when the clamor of the outside world is silenced will you be able to hear the deeper vibration. Listen carefully. ” ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

Listen carefully to what your soul is saying. Now, take that regret, resolve to turn it around, put action behind that resolve and use it to reflect light back into your life and the lives of those around you.

Don’t dwell in the past, but rather let light reflect upon the forest floor of your heart. Choose to use the light to give life to the dying areas of your soul. Choose to use the reflective power to nourish, heal and grow. Then reflect the light outward.

Reflect the light!

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