Getting Started with WordPress

With This Online Course You Can Setup WordPress and Start Building Your Website or Blog Today!

Your website (or blog) is the cornerstone of your business.
It’s time to stop struggling to carve out your space on the internet
by taking the time to learn WordPress.  

You’ve probably heard of WordPress being used for blogging.  After all, it is a very popular blog platform. But it is so much more than that!

WordPress has grown up into a full-fledged Content Management System that will allow you to create dynamic websites easily.

Even if you purchase a WordPress site from a developer, you’ll want to know how to make simple changes to your own website, without the hassle of waiting for your web developer to make the changes.

Chances are that some of the things you ask them to do will be as simple as writing the very asking them to make the changes. You’ll save the hassle of waiting and the money they will charge to make changes.

WordPress is easy to use and very flexible. You can setup WordPress and start building your website today.

This is a self-paced course, allowing you to learn WordPress basics fast if you want. In fact, you could learn the basics in an hour. And, if you get stuck you’ll be able to login and refresh your memory.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Unit 1: Domain Name and Hosting Set-up

  • How to Buy a Domain Name
  • How to Buy a Web Hosting Account
  • Connecting a Domain to a Web Hosting Account

Unit 2: Installing WordPress

  • Installing WordPress Automatically Using cPanel
  • Installing WordPress Manually with FTP Software
  • How to Install Themes
  • How to Install Plugins

Unit 3: Setting Up WordPress

  • How to Get a New WordPress Site Ready
  • How to Change Your Permalink Structure
  • Controlling How Visitors Can Comment
  • Understanding User Permissions
  • Activating the WordPress Theme Editor

Unit 4: WordPress Customization

  • Creating and Configuring Navigation Menus
  • How to Effectively Use WordPress Widgets
  • How to Remove Powered by WordPress

Unit 5: Adding Content

  • How to Write Effective Blog Titles
  • How to Create New Pages in WordPress
  • How to Create Posts in WordPress
  • How to Embed Videos
  • How to Add HTML Code to Posts or Pages

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Basic computer skills. The course starts at the basics, but you need to know how to use your computer and a few things about navigating a typical website
  • Need use of a computer or a laptop
  • No tablets or mobile phone’s please (Yes, they work, but you don’t get the full picture)
  • A working Internet connection with normal speed
  • A good basic understanding of simple English

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