Originally Posted in 2008

Why do I find it so hard to take care of myself? I must think I am super women.

I do get a lot done, I’m very successful in many many ways, but I won’t be able to keep up at this pace. Things have got to change.

You see, I’ve been known to not eat all day, get four hours of sleep a day (consistently), and run myself ragged. It’s a terrible habit I’ve gotten myself into. I believe it all began years ago when I had a  silent death wish, a wish to check out of this world, and stop the pain.  But that is no longer the case and it has become simply a habit of self-sabotage because I get hyper-focusing and forget about anything else.,

Even at the worse times in my life there was a big part of me that wanted to live, and really live passionately. Thankfully that, and my love for my family, kept me alive.

I began the road to recovery when I began creating. While the creating was artistic, I am sure it was to my soul symbolic of “creating a future.” I believe the physical act of creating something was important. It said to the world, “I’m here for the long haul. I am creating my future.”

But now staying alive isn’t enough. I’m out of that survival mode, and into the living mode. But I don’t want to just live, I want to thrive. And to thrive I’ve got to definitely take better care of myself. I’ve got to stop putting my health and well being last.

So here it is, my first two commitments on my Thriving plan. I plan to live a long healthy life. And to prove that I will now:

  1. Start by day off right by eating breakfast. I will begin eating breakfast each morning so I have the energy to “really live.”
  2. Drink More Life Giving Water – I’ll start off by drinking three large glasses of water before reaching for another beverage.

What are you doing to sabotage your future?
What are you doing to create your future?
What can you do to increase your odds of staying alive and enjoying life?
Want to join me on my quest to live with passion and vitality?

Oh Dear: This post was originally published in 2008.  And I still have a tendency to not take care of myself.

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