If you are familiar with me, and my story, you probably know that I was in major survival mode for a few years. As I tried to regroup after trauma and recover from depression I was simply “in a state of being.” I was living my life fifteen minutes at a time, telling myself moment by moment “I can make it through the next fifteen minutes.”

It seemed to me, to be a very strange place to be, because I have always been one to have big plans, big goals, big dreams. I’ve always been the “type A” personality that is driven to succeed. Now suddenly I found myself without any plans. I couldn’t see myself in the future because my past was projected into the future, and that just seemed to painful.  I had lost hope. It was a very scary place to be and one that can be dangerous for some people.

I survived because I’m not a quitter. Several years ago I was looking back at the “lost years” with regret. I regretted the wasted time. I regretted the “quality time” I missed with my children. My years were wasted, or so I thought.

But then HE spoke to my heart. His voice was loud and clear.

He asked me this question…

Does the newborn baby regret growing?

I reflected…

Does the newborn baby regret growing?
Does the newborn baby regret growing?

What does that mean?

As I pondered I realized that a newborn baby simply “is” a wonderful creation. The newborn baby can’t regret growing. How can that even be possible?

That baby has been brought forth to a new life. True getting here was likely a struggle. After all being wrapped in a warm cocoon of love, and then suddenly being shoved down a birth canal and into a bright and cold room isn’t a walk in the park. But that process brought forth an opportunity for growth in a new environment. 

It is a necessary part of our journey in life.

Once she arrives the baby spends some time simply “being.” The baby doesn’t have a choice.

She may be ready to tackle the world. She may have big plans. But that little body simply can’t do it all yet. A baby brought forth to new life “is” a “human being” and not a “human doing.” She was provided an opportunity for growth in a new environment.

And so there it was, a gentle reminder to me that during that time I was growing, but not accomplishing things that I felt I needed to be accomplished.

I was growing in my abilities. I was growing in my strength. I had been through the refiners fire and come out stronger and more understanding of the demons people can face.

So thank you God for pointing out to me that my soul was being born anew. That I was going through a birthing process and that once here I needed to “simply be” for some time, and that was a perfectly acceptable place to be for a while.

I was giving birth to a new life, giving birth to a new souls reflection.

Don’t fear the adversity in your life as adversity makes way for a rebirth. It grows you as a person. Soon, you’ll give birth to your new life. Give birth to your souls reflection.”

Republished from an article on another domain from 2010.

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