Many people find themselves easily making a decisive decision when it relates to business, but struggle to put those same skills to use in their personal life.  Personally, I find it most difficult to make decisions when both things are something good.  My mom always said the hardest decisions to make are between two things which are good.  However, there are some incredible benefits of being more decisive.

The Benefits of Being More Decisive

Being More Decisive Gives You Increased Ability to Pursue Your Dreams

One of the major benefits of making conscious choices, rather than passive choices, is that you can shape a life path that reflects your values and priorities. When you fail to take action,  you may find yourself drifting through life and passively dealing with whatever circumstances come along.

Being Decisive Will Help You Save Time and Energy

Making decisions more quickly frees up the time that gets wasted going back and forth over the same options. It also eliminates the stress, confusion, and anxiety that you may feel about making mistakes.

You Will Feel More Confident When You Make Decisions More Easily

Your self-confidence can soar when you take greater control over your life and develop your decision-making skills. This creates a positive momentum because it’s easier to make decisions when you believe in yourself and your abilities.

Decisiveness Will Likely Help You Learn More

Every decision you make is a golden opportunity to learn more about yourself and the world around you. After all, the choices one makes reveal one’s true character. And that fear of failure can be transformed into a willingness to learn from adversity and gain valuable feedback about areas where you can improve.

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of being more decisive let’s take a look at steps one can take to become more decisive…

How to Become More Decisive

1. Motivate Yourself

Once you make the conscious effort to become more decisive, you’ll begin to recognize opportunities to be more pro-active in your decision making.  Because it can be scary to commit to a course of action, you’ll probably need to remind yourself of the advantages of leading a more intentional life. 

Sit down and determine what indecisiveness has cost you.

  • Has it cost you lost opportunities?
  • What are the advantages to being decisive?

Make a list and refer to it if you are tempted to delay a decision of some kind.

2. Do Your Research.  Become informed about The Decision You Are Faced With

Making sound and reliable decisions require the correct information. Do yourself a favor and get your facts and figures straight.  All it takes is a little research on your own or a quick consultation with someone who has relevant expertise.

3. Analyze the Pros and Cons of Your Decision

For complex decisions, it’s often helpful to draw a grid. Plot the pros and cons and assign them a value based on their importance to you. Real life dilemmas may be more complicated than simple math, but this exercise can give you a good outline for what direction to take, and can certainly be a confidence booster.

4. Start With Smaller Decisions First

It’s okay to get a gradual start.  Start with making quick decisions in areas where you feel confident and where the consequences are relatively minor. Try out the new local cafe, try a food you don’t usually eat, or go ahead and purchase that throw rug in a new color scheme.

 5. Practice Your Decision Making Skills

It’s perfectly acceptable to work your way up to more significant decisions.  You’ll find it easier as you build confidence in your abilities. Learn to trust your judgment and accept any consequences or criticisms that may arise.

6. Give Yourself a Deadline and Create a Timeline

You may have to set your own deadline to prompt yourself to action. Plan  If you want to buy a house in a few years, start now to make financial decisions that will give you the savings and credit rating you’ll need to achieve your goal. You’ll free yourself up to more possibilities and that will reduce your fear.

7. Just Go Ahead and Face Your Fears

The fear of making mistakes can be a barrier to becoming more decisive. Be gentle with yourself, but go ahead and move ahead even (if you’re nervous). Mistakes are a part of life.  Thankfully, in the long run, you may learn more from failures than from victories. 

8. Trust Yourself: Follow Your Heart

The decisions you make in your personal life are successful if they bring you more happiness and contentment. You may find more gratification in being an artist than in going to law school. Rational analysis is helpful, but you want to feel good about whatever choices you make.

Becoming more decisive will help you get more out of life. Take a pro-active approach to making life choices that you can be proud of.

Please share with us…

  • What helps you make decisions?
  • What types of decisions do you find most difficult to make?

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