I was recently asked what one of my favorite “excellence” quotes was.  There are many great quotes related to excellence, but this is the one I shared that night:

“Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll

But what exactly does that mean?

The key word in that quote is prevailing.

The definition of “prevailing” is:

  1. predominant
  2. generally current
  3. having a superior power of influence.


To achieve excellence one’s thoughts are steered towards what it is that you are trying to achieve, and how to BEST achieve excellence in that area. Those thoughts become your predominant thoughts and in doing so you strive for excellence.

Your dominant thoughts ought to be thoughts that generate excellence. Thoughts that don’t serve us (I am not good enough) do not lead to excellence.

Your thoughts will then begin to have superior power or influence, and those thoughts then go on to influence your decisions and the way you act.  Excellence comes from within.

Successful people seek excellence because they believe in striving for the best within themselves.  Yet, they understand that it is necessary to give up achieving excellence in some areas of our lives so we can better our success of achieving excellence in other areas.

What are your thoughts on excellence?
What are your prevalent thoughts?

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