Perhaps as a child you dreamed of being a ballerina or playing in the world-series.

Perhaps you dreamed of traveling to exotic locations, of flying to the moon, or of being in movies.

All of us had childhood dreams.  And many of us still have the same dreams now as adults.

Dreams are what we imagine our life could be like. It’s the experiences we hope to live.

Sadly, many have given up on their dreams.

“It’s to late,” you say.

That may be true…

  • It may be to late to play in the world series, but you could still attend the world series, and adult form of  “play.”
  • It may be to late to be the star ballerina, but it’s not to late to dance, and to enjoy it. And it’s not to late to attend the ballet often.


It’s not to late to build more dreams!

It’s not to late to make your dreams come true!

You’ve just got to give yourself permission to dream!

To help with that I’m adding a new resource, via a series of posts, here at

The Dream Building series will showcase some of the things I dream of doing, fascinating places to visit, exotic foods to try, things to experience, and some things you may just find interesting.

It is designed to provide you with ideas – ideas of things that you can do to bring more joy in your life. It’s a tool for you to use in creating new dreams and making dreams come true. The first post is coming soon.

Be sure to explore the site to find additional resources on how to make your dreams come true.

Articles in This Series

[seriesposts Dream Building]

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