“i feel like a failure.” How often have you told yourself that?

Get the Negative Feelings You Have Out of Your System

Develop strategies to build your energy back up.

Identify and Challenge Your Negative Thoughts

Don’t take failure personal.

Release the need for approval of others

Become More Mindful

Be forward-thinking rather than dwelling on the failure.

Reevaluate your situation.



“You just have to accept that you can either stay where you are, or decide to be more.” – Jk Rowling

Sometimes Things Are Good Enough

Disassociate the failure from yourself as a person.

Learn from failure.

Put Things in Perspective

We tend to make things bigger than they really are.

Be Patient

You’ve put in the work…  Perhaps your success simply hasn’t arrived yet.

Failure is a foundation to build upon.

Look at the failure analytically.

Know that challenges will arise.

Be prepared.

“i feel like a failure.” How often have you told yourself that?

Build a strong support network.

Remember, You’re Not the Only One to Fail

Set your expectations effectively.


Apply Self-Compassion As Needed

Work to Heal What You Feel

Do not take yourself too seriously.

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