Have you ever bought into the  “I’ll be happy when…” attitude?

Sadly, I have far to often in my life.  You see, I was unhappy by default.

  • I had failed to act more on the things in life that made me happy and defaulted to the every day and mundane.
  • I neglected to notice the blessings in my life, but rather, I paid more attention to the negatives and the things my life lacked.
  • I failed to act in ways that generated happiness.   Sure I was very active in life, and I was doing a lot of things I love. But I failed to play an “active role” in creating happiness.  I failed to deliberately look for happiness.

Achieving happiness (a happy outlook in life) requires some effort, and generally, people don’t make that effort.  Take some steps to create your own happiness.

Be Happy on Purpose

Thankfully I decided to be Happy On Purpose! I realized that happiness wasn’t something that could only be attained only after I achieved “this” or I achieved “that.”


happiness is something that has always existed and I just needed to choose to tap into happiness.

I purposely looked for the blessings in life. I paid more attention to life’s little blessings and learned that as a whole they really add up to one great blessing.

  • I paid more attention to the laughter of children verses the tears.
  • I paid more attention to the songs of the bird vs. the sound of the sirens.
  • I paid more attention to the beauty of the skies vs. the trash among the viaducts.

At the same time…

I choose…

  • to see the joy in the sirens – help was available!
  • to marvel at the wonderful healing power of tears.
  • and choose to notice the abundance represented in the trash caught it the viaducts.

I realized that being happy doesn’t mean that you don’t have unhappy moments, and even unhappy days. It is a choice to know that despite life’s twists and turns life is fundamentally great.

Are You Unhappy By Default or Happy On Purpose?  You Decide!

  • Are You Willing to Be Happy on Purpose?
  • What Can You Do to Tap Into the Abundance of Happiness that Already Exists?
  • Are You Paying Attention to the Abundance of Blessings?
  • Are you unhappy by default?
  • What are you doing to create more happiness in your life?

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