Here’s some of the interesting content I found last week on the web.  Friday is the day I want to publish links to some of the interesting articles I came across during the week and I thought this was set to publish last Friday.   But  I still had this article saved as a draft.  So, for now, Monday it is.

  • I love the beauty of Christine’s blog, but her content is equally just as beautiful. This week Christine reminded me that I may be hindering my communication with others in her article titled  I Might Be Wrong.  She reminded me that I am always a little blind in every situation. And that this lack of pure knowledge could cause me to react in ways that cause others pain and separation.Life Lessons From the Web:  Sadly, I know that has been much to true of myself lately. Perhaps it will help you as well.
  • Have you recently felt insignificant? Michelle Stimson’s post Wonder Why You’re Here? will remind you that you have a unique mission to fill and that who you are makes a difference in this world.
  • Also from Christine’s blog comes an article about creating optimism and more of that joyful energy in Have the Right Attitude.
  • You Too Can make Someone’s Day is another post I enjoyed by Michelle Stimpson.  She reminds us to slow down and take the time to help others feel better about themselves, their lives, and their contribution to others.


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